You know those moments of inspiration and solidarity that can sometimes change the world? We want the Global Just Recovery Gathering, a free 3-day online event for the global climate movement to reconnect and mobilize, to be one of those. But in order for a gathering to have that kind of impact, it can’t be open to only one type of person. 

We’ve shared in our past few blogs, just how we’re making this virtual gathering as diverse, accessible and multilingual as possible. But how do you host a global gathering online and ensure that areas that don’t have the best online access (often some of the people hardest hit by the climate crisis) are an integral part of the discussion?

“Unfortunately, the technology of online conference systems reflects the ableist culture we swim in. The online engineers assumed people could see. The salespeople assumed everyone could understand English. The platforms assumed your internet was strong.”

Daniel Hunter, Global Just Recovery Gathering organiser 

Enter the Global Just Recovery Gathering Watch Parties.

In regions like Africa and the Pacific, 350 staff and volunteers are organising and hosting “watch parties”, venues that will be screening the Just Recovery Gathering sessions live, where people who can’t access the GJRG on the internet on their own can visit to enjoy and engage in the experience. 

This is a beautiful example of community solutions to systemic inequality, and a display of the care that has gone into ensuring that everyone has a seat at the virtual table this weekend. From Fiji to Samoa to South Africa to Ghana, hosts have offered up physical spaces so that attendees in their area can join our online one.

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