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Missed a session at the gathering? Don't worry, you can still catch up here. Just search below for the title of the workshop, or click to sort by workshop name, language or speakers.

Recordings are all in the original language of the session, as it was not possible to record the multilingual interpretation audio tracks. Please note that not all workshops were recorded or chose to circulate resources -- those sessions will not appear below.

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Workshop name
"The largest stimulus package ever": the potential of the so-called recovery funds for transformation in the European Union (WeMove Europe)ENVirginia López CalvoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
"Net zero" is not zero : smokescreens, threats and the need for real action - session 1ENWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
"Net zero" is not zero: smokescreens, threats and the need for real action - session 2ENWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
[Re]Frame Gas: how anti-gas movements are reframing industry narratives (Gastivists Collective)ENKevin BucklandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
A global treaty to manage the just transition (Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative)ENCarroll Muffett, Meena RamanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Artist and cultural organizer roundtable: how can movements better engage creativity (Artivist Network)ENKevin BucklandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Artivism training: changing the story to change the world (Artivist Network)ENKevin BucklandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Biodiversity: the missing discussion in climate change action (CBD Alliance)ENGadir Lavadenz, Linda SchneiderWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Bird-dogging tactics and research (Greenpeace)ENConnor GibsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building a better future in Latin America: Moving from business as usual to Buen Vivir (Climate Action Network Latin America (CANLA))EN, ESCarola Mejía, Karla MaassWatch on YouTube
Building a climate clock in your city (Climate Clock)ENAndrew Boyd, gan golanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building a climate safe Caribbean (350.org)ENAmira Odeh, Cannita MeliusWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building digital campaigning and organizing tools for the global movement (350.org)ENNadia Gorchakova, Sarah WillboreSlides/Resources
Building labor climate coalitions for a Just Recovery (350.org)ENMichael Leon Guerrero, Mametlwe Sebei, Alex Lenferna, Deborah RosensteinWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building national network of climate action and planning creative campaigns: case study of Fridays For Future Japan (Fridays For Future Japan)ENHaruhisa Tokito, Isao SakaiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building people-power in your campaign group using digital tools especially during COVID times (350.org)ENAnna KeenanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building solidarity to defend our defenders: perspectives from Asia (350.org)ENBeatrice Tulagan, Jannatul MouwaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Burn-out as a metamorphosis for radical change (Loops)FRLuce GoutelleWatch on YouTube
Campaign Storytelling (Campaign Bootcamp)ENGrace JeremyWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Carbon Inequality: How to expose the great climate injustice of extreme emission inequality (Oxfam)ENAlexandra Vanreusel, Julien LepeerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Catholics facing climate change on a local level (GCCM)ENFabián Campos, Igor BastosWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Choosing Sustainability, By Default (Better Food Foundation)ENKatie CantrellWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate and mental health: climate anxiety and individual resilience (Psychologists 4 Future)ENChristoph Hausmann, Katharina van BronswijkWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate change organising in the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia (Ummah For Earth)ENNouhad Awwad, Tom AllenWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate change, plastics, and environmental racism: slaying the petrochemical hydra (CIEL)ENSharon Lavigne, Steven FeitWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate jobs: people's plan to fight the fire (Climáximo)ENjonathan neale, Leonor CanadasWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Comment rompre avec les dynamiques oppressives dans votre activismeFRLeyla LarbiWatch on YouTube
Community organizing for climate justice (Greenpeace)ENChristopher DeanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Como cantar o Antropoceno (Caio Lima)PTCaio LimaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Coping with prison and the magic of solidarity - experiences and lessons learned (Marianne Koch, Peter Steudtner)ENMarianne Koch, Peter SteudtnerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Creative online tactics for your campaign (350.org)ENMonica Tyler-DaviesWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Cross-movement collaborations for a more gender and climate just world: Experiences from GAGGA (Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA))ENDr. Bhanumathi Kalluri, Maite SmetWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Cut through the noise & shift the conversation - session 1 (NEON)ENFunmibi OgunlesiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Cut through the noise & shift the conversation - session 2 (NEON)ENFunmibi OgunlesiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Dangerous Narratives and Climate Migration (GSCC, PISFCC)ENBrami JeganWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
deCOALonize: a model for community climate justice (Natural Justice)ENGino CocchiaroWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Developing accessible and inclusive spaces (Campaign Bootcamp and ENIL)ENZara Todd, Áine Kelly-CostelloWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Difundiendo tu mensaje: como relacionarse con los medios y ampliar tu presencia en el debate (350.org)ESPeri DiasWatch on YouTube
Digital climate communication and campaigning (FridaysForFuture/Germany)ENChris SchaumannWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Digital organising and movement building (Avaaz)ENPascal VollenweiderWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Disobedient art workshop (Fossil Free Culture NL)ENTeresa BorasinoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Don't even think about it: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change (George Marshall)ENGeorge MarshallWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Ecofeminist direct action: let's be careful so we can be dangerous together (Artivist Network)ENKevin BucklandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Ecofeminists for creative solutions: advocating for gender and climate justice as artists (350.org)ENAditi Mayer, Beatrice TulaganWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Equity, solidarity and collective care for people and nature: gender-just community-based systems and practices for a just recovery. (Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA))ENAna Portocarrero, Angela CuencaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Espalhando suas mensagens: como se relacionar com a imprensa e ampliar sua presença no debate (350.org)PTNathalia ClarkWatch on YouTube
Faith & divestment - session 1 (Living Laudato Si' Philippines)ENBishop Gerardo Alminaza, Jochelle MagraciaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Faith & divestment - session 2 (Living Laudato Si' Philippines)ENJohn Leo Algo, Maria Jaya AriolaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Falando com a imprensa (350.org)PTNathalia ClarkWatch on YouTube
Feminist action for climate justice: synergies in the generation equality form action coalitions and the global climate movement (Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO))ENHALL Laura Cooper, Joanita BabiryeWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Finance campaigning 101 (350.org)ENAhmed Mokgopo, Brett FleishmanSlides/Resources
Finance campaigning in Taiwan (350 Taiwan)ENMartin SuWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Financing Fossil Fuels: European colonialism in the 21st century (350.org)ENIlan Zugman, Nick BryerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Follow the money: tracing climate injustice to fossil finance in the Pacific (350.org)ENJoseph Sikulu, Maggie McKeownWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Formacion de artivismo: cambiando narrativas para cambiar el mundo (Artivist Network)ESKevin BucklandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Fossil Free Fed: public money for the public good (350.org)ENBrett Fleishman, Kendall MackeyWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
From slogans to action: the climate budget tool in Oslo (C40, Nature & Youth Norway)ENGina Gylver, Hauk Are FjeldWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Guyana: who is the winner? (Voices GY)ENChristian VargasWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Hablando con los medios (350.org)ESPeri DiasWatch on YouTube
Hacking the planet: the injustices of climate geoengineering (Hands Off Mother Earth (HOME) Campaign)ENLinda Schneider, Silvia RibeiroWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Health justice and the Green New Deal (Medact)ENWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Healthy & non-extractive storytelling in USA: a training-of-trainers (350.org)ENDenali Nalamalapu, Thanu YakupitiyageWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Holistic care and security for activists in times of covid (Marianne Koch, Peter Steudtner)ENMarianne Koch, Peter SteudtnerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Honouring language diversity: organizing multilingual online events (350.org)ENDébora GastalWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How cities and local divestment campaigns can learn from each other and work proactively together on divestment (C40 Cities)ENMikkel PetersenWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How cities can lead the global transition away from fossil fuels (Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative)EN, ESAndrea Reimer, Bhushan TuladharWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How do we build solidarity in environmental movements between the global north and south? (Extinction Rebellion South Africa)ENMalik DasooWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How to create videos & win campaigns (350.org)FRHugo DWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How to create videos to win campaigns (350.org)ENAleksei WagnerSlides/Resources
How to win the narrative: climate movement communication (350 New Hampshire)ENLila Kohrman-Glaser, Rebecca BeaulieuWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How we build people power: Pakistan (Climate Action Pakistan)ENAnam RathorWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How we organize to win: stories from 350 US local groupsEN350 US local group membersWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How we stopped Keystone XL (350.org)ENFaith Spotted Eagle, Frank JamesWatch on YouTube
Intentional intersectionality in the fight against climate change (International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW AP))ENIlisapeci Raileqe, Marisa HutchinsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Involving youth and media in National Advocacy Campaign (JVE International)ENSena ALOUKAWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Just transition of aviation (Stay Grounded)ENDan Tipney, Finlay AsherWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Kato Ni Mana: weaving our stories into the baskets of hope (350.org)ENJoseph SikuluWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Legal empowerment: path to climate justice (NAMATI, Legal Empowerment Network)ENAimee Ongeso, Eleanor ThompsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Legisladores por el ambiente: oportunidades para un cambio transformador en América Latina (350.org)ESignacio zavaletaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Les mythes de la conversion des majors pétrolières: le cas de Total (350.org)FRRomain Ioualalen (OCI), Marie Toussaint (Eurodéputée), Lorette Philippot (Amis de la Terre), Landry Ninteretse (350.org) et Clémence Dubois (350.org)Watch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Liderazgo regenerativo en el movimiento ecologista en América Latina (Fridays for Future Latinoamérica)ESCatalina Lema, Fernando Cortés VivancoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Local Green New Deals and the power of cities (Global Center for Climate Justice)ENAdele Andrews, Dr. Daniel FaberWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Message testing 101: when, why, and how (350.org)ENJaq EvansSlides/Resources
Mobilization around air pollution and health (Right to Clean Air Platform, Clean Air Collective in India)ENBrikesh Singh, Buket AltiSlides/Resources
Money For Our Future: How to Move Big Banks (Japan’s case study) (350.org)ENEri Watanabe, UG TanakaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Mozambique gas rush provokes human rights abuses, climate devastation, insurgent attacks (Justiça Ambiental)ENDaniel Ribeiro, Rachel KennerleyWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Navigating power and privilege within local groups (350 US local groups)ENAbby Mnookin, Amy Gray, Shemona Moreno, Jess WallachWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Networking 101: how to expand your reach, grow connections, and collaborate effectively (Asian Environmental Youth Network)ENAnais Chen, Ariane DesrosiersWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Nonviolent direct action globallyENEileen Flanagan, Kumi NaidooWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Not on our soil: the gendered lens (African Climate Reality Project)ENNicole RodelWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Organising under a brutal regime: case study in Gambia (Africans Rising)ENMuhammed LaminWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Organizing in a repressive country (Centre for Citizens Conserving(CECIC))ENEdwin Mumbere, Fred DrapariWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Parents are mobilising: Stories from India, Nigeria, and the UK (Our Kids' Climate and Parents For Future Global)ENAmuche Nnabueze, Bhavreen KandhariWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Pathways to a just future: Degrowth and other alternatives (350.org, Konzeptwerk Neue Okonomie)ENAshish Kothari, Caro RacketeWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Petróleo y gas en la Amazonia: historias de impactos y tácticas de resistencia (350.org)ESIlan ZugmanWatch on YouTube
Planet A: tales of Southeast Asia (Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY))ENAroe Ajoeni, Ili Nadiah DzulfakarWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Porque a justiça climática importa: como as comunidades mais afetadas estão lidando com as mudanças climáticas (350.org)PTRenan PereiraWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Protecting front line activists / movements and reducing risk (Lifeline Fund for Embattled CSOs)ENEd O'Donovan, Fran LambrickWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Questioning green recovery : feminist critical pathways to just and equitable transition (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)ENPatricia WattimenaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Questioning green recovery : feminist critical pathways to just and equitable transition (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)ENPatricia WattimenaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Questioning green recovery: feminist critical pathways to just and equitable transition (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)ENPatricia Wattimena, Tetet LauronWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Recovery from COVID-19: how to track public money commitments and what do the data tell us? ( International Institute for Sustainable Development)ENLucile DufourWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Relocalization: exploring solutions for just and green recovery (Greenpeace Southeast Asia)ENWilhelmina (Ditdit) PelegrinaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Resilience & wellbeing for more joyful activism (Greenpeace)ENPablo Chamorro OrtizWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
S'attaquer au cœur du système financier européen: les banques centralesFRClémence Dubois (350.org), Paul Schreiber (Reclaim Finance), Leyla Larbi (SumOfUs)Watch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Sacred People, Sacred Earth: People of Faith Rising for Climate Justice (Green Faith)ENAbby Mohaupt, Sara ShorWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Scaling diverse land protection movements without money: the case of Uganda's National Land Defense League (Solidarity Uganda, National Land Defense League)ENPhil WilmotWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Shrinking Democratic Space: How We Fight and How to Win (350.org)ENAsfinawati YLBHI, Irfan Toni HerlambangWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Speaking to the media (350.org)ENKim BryanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Stop EACOP: Africa's longest oil pipeline (Avaaz)ENPascal VollenweiderWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Stories from the Frontlines: Women-led Grassroots Solutions (Sierra Club, Women's Earth Alliance)ENA.Tianna Scozzaro, Candace O'MeliaWatch on YouTube
Strategic creative activism for the win (Beautiful Trouble)ENNadine BlochWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Student Climate Activism as Civics Education (Alan Singer, Hofstra University)ENAdeola Tella-Williams, Alan SingerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Systemic alternatives for transformative change: South Africa's Climate Justice Charter Movement and campaign for a #UBIGNow (The Climate Justice Charter Movement )ENAwande ButheleziWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Talanoa dialogue of Asia fossil free: people live there (GEYK)ENJiyun GimWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Territories bleed through their maps: counter-mapping as a tool for climate justiceENDaniel Voskoboynik, MARIA FaciolinceWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The Asian context: effective environmental activism within disenfranchised communities (Asian Environmental Youth Network)ENAnais Chen, Ariane DesrosiersWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The devastating impact of the climate crisis on racialised communities in Europe (European Network Against Racism)ENNadia AsriWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The Fight For Our Future: The Climate Story of the Filipino Youth (Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines)ENGiselle Lapid, Rendell LateoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
O futuro que queremos - The future we want: Youth’s perspectives for a new development model of Brazil and the worldPTWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The market won’t save us: we need international cooperation for a just transition (Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative)ENMark Campanale, Michael PolandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The People v. Climate Change: advancing climate justice through the courts (CIEL)ENAlejandra Serra, Nikki ReischWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The People's Climate Commitment: our Glasgow Agreement (Climáximo)ENAlejandra Ramírez, Alice GatoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Theories of change and conflict escalation (Climaximo)ENInês Teles, Sinan EdenWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Tomorrow's leaders: what it takes to build a successful youth climate programme (Project 90 by 2030)ENAthenkosi Baba, Daniel RobinsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Towards an ecosocialist recovery (Global Ecosocialist Network (GEN))ENJohn Molyneux, Rehad DesaiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Trabajando juntos para ampliar y optimizar la cobertura de la crisis climática (350.org)ESKim Bryan, Nathalia ClarkWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Trade unions organising for climate action - session 1 (International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC))ENBert De WelWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Trade unions organizing for climate action - session 2 (International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC))ENBert De WelWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Transformative Cities project (Friends of the Earth)ENMageswari Sangaralingam, Maya LRCWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Transforming Africa's biggest polluter: A Green New Eskom (350.org)ENAlex Lenferna, Cleopatra Nqobile SheziWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Understanding climate-driven migration (Climate and Migration Coalition)ENAlex RandallWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
UNFCCC COP for Dummies (CAN International and Demand Climate Justice)ENAndreas Sieber, Nathan ThankiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Use of legal options and community stories for climate justice (Greenpeace Southeast Asia)ENWilhelmina (Ditdit) PelegrinaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Using audience insights to engage better with religious and cultural groups (Ummah for Earth)ENDima MasriWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Você gostaria de salvar o mundo comigo?": Como jornalistas ambientais e comunicadores de ONGs podem intensificar seu relacionamento para melhorar a cobertura climática (350.org)PTPeri DiasWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Why do a sea-level rise mural (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA))ENCharlene Shoniwa, Jessica Du ToitWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Why we need a new multilateralism for a global just recovery (UNCTAD, Global Development Policy Center)ENGabriel Casnati, Katie Gallogly-SwanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Women for climate justice leading solutions on the frontlines (Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN))ENKatherine QuaidWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Write the future you want to see: letters to the editor 101 (Home Planet Books)ENRandi Hacker, Siri DunnWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources

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