Fossil fuel companies are trying to use social media to rebrand their image. They are trying to gloss over the damage their work creates, as well as falsely pretending to care about renewable energy. Facebook and Instagram have guidelines against allowing posts from socially dangerous companies, but continues to allow the deception of coal, oil and gas.

We all have the ability to alert Facebook and Instagram that we won’t stand for this sort of blatant greenwashing by those companies who have been actively destroying the planet. With a few clicks you can report the false information in these posts.

Step 1:

Open the link and then find the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. Click on it and choose “Report Post”

Step 2:

You’ll be given a list of options as to why you are reporting. One of the clear ones you can choose is “False Information.” On Instagram you have to scroll down.

Here are some posts you can choose from:
      1. Chevron : Facebook

      1. ExxonMobil: Facebook

    1. ExxonMobil: Instagram


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    1. Shell: Instagram 


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