Take your pick from these ridiculous tweets from fossil fuel companies to @reply to

It’s not hard to shine a light on false solutions – just go to the Twitter accounts of any fossil fuel company, and you’ll find streams of them being promoted. We can’t stop them spreading their greenwashed propaganda, but we can make sure we call them out and highlight their lies for anyone who looks at their tweets. That’s the great thing about social media.

We’ve selected five beauties for you below to reply to, with some suggested messaging. Simply click on the tweet and reply to them. Also use #JustRecovery in your response.

Or, you can pick your own tweets from these fossil fuel company accounts and make up your replies. For inspiration, take a look at what people have already replied! They are guaranteed to make you laugh.


Shell would like us to know that while they ship fossil fuels, they will use fossil fuels to do so.


Shell wants us to know they are absolutely COMMITTED to fake zero. Seriously, they really want to be a force for fake good.


Stakeholder value, financial resilience, profitable growth…. destroying the planet, disregarding human life… please tell us more about this value you deliver to… *checks notes* wider society?


“In February 2020 we were still producing fossil fuels, one year on we are still producing fossil fuels. Just look at this progress!”


Great, recycling! That totally makes up for the fact that decades ago, you knew fossil fuels would create global warming and climate change and you did nothing! Nice one. 👍