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Supporter stories

Behind each contribution to the Global Just Recovery Gathering is the powerful story of a grassroots donor. Here are just a few of the stories from the climate activists around the globe who helped our movement recharge, rebuild, and reconnect:

“The pandemic has had devastating impacts on everyone, especially BIPOC and underserved communities. We need a green and just recovery. The pandemic should be a portal to a better future, not a return to the unjust, un-environmental, corrupt “normal” times.”
~ Deborah M

“The climate crisis is the biggest story, challenge and opportunity of our time. An intersectional movement is needed to overcome and minimise the impacts of the climate crisis and presents a opportunity to build back better for a more fair and just future. I think 350 are one of the organisations capable of shaping the movement required to mobilise people towards change.”
~ Alan G

“I donated so that the Global Just Recovery Gathering can be as inclusive and accessible as possible because as a disabled woman of colour in London, England, I know that there is no climate justice without social justice.”
~ Natasha S

“Grateful for this Global Just Recovery Gathering and the chance for all of us to come together and share our common love for this planet and work to stop climate change. We are so much stronger when we come together and focus on all that we share and our love for this planet. We can make change and do so in a way that is equitable and just and helps move our country and world toward a more just and fair society for all. Thank you!!”
~ Bruce K

“I teach Sustainability and Society to high school students. The reality of climate change and the damaged life support systems of this planet weighs heavily upon them. I promised them that I would fight for their future to the end of my days! I believe we CAN turn the tide. It is now a matter of will!”
~ Julie W

“I live in western Oregon and lived through two weeks of wildfire smoke in September 2020 – they destroyed old growth forest, lives, homes, and the health of many living things. We need to dramatically increase the speed of our transformation to a climate friendly world, and 350 is the organization leading the charge. Thank you!”
~ Alexandra S

“I look forward to a day in the future where people and wildlife live in harmony on a healthy and abundant planet. A world running with clean water and air to drink and breathe. A world where indigenous tribes can live on ancestral lands forever. I wanted to be a part of that effort. I want to be a part of that global family of wonderful and amazing people who put their lives on the line to see such a world come back into being for our children, our grandchildren, and their children for the coming generations.”
~ Daniel L

“I am a stay-at-home mom, and though I can’t yet participate in person, I love being able to support important activists such as those at 350.org. If we all do our own small part, we can help make important changes!”
~ Tracy T

“I’m 90 and revere the earth and atmosphere and water which gives support to all living things. I’m thankful for my long life and want to pass along the healthiest life-supporting system to my great-grandchildren.”
~ Frances G

“At this moment of emergency, when our very existence and that of our children is at stake, we need to persuade those who have the privilege of leading us that they need to take action now. We have spent too long fighting nature, penning it in and commodifying it. We need to recognise that we are ourselves part of nature and dependent on it, before it’s too late.”
~ Richard I

“Covid has hit me hard. I lost all my work and much of my energy. But I have not had the virus and I am still alive. I have survived online engaging and trying to rebuild a new business. I donated as much as I can since I want to have fun and have some positive energy online. I am grateful to 350.org for taking the initiative the bring us together for something other than yet another Zoom meeting!”
~ Ed J

“I am a father of two teenage children living in California. We have witnessed unprecedented wildfires and drought over the last several years. I want to make sure I do all I can to protect the environment my generation will leave to my children’s generation.”
~ Shannon B

“Climate change is the gravest threat to all living things on this planet and the Recovery from tragic consequences of racism, market greed, and inequality now exacerbated by the pandemic must tackle the global climate catastrophe – 350. org is a leader in this fight.”
~ Josephine W

“I am a 74 year old grandmother who has always been a lover of nature and animals. I want to ensure that all possible is done to save endangered species and to see my grandchildren grow up in a world that has ample water and food for all.”
~ Beth T


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